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Here at Pimp Design, we believe that SEO is an extremely important part of any business looking to expand their online portfolio and it really is essential if you are new business starting up in an oversaturated industry competing with some of the biggest brands about such as Apple or Sony.

Escort SEO is a very clever technique which is designed to increase a website’s visibility on a search engine, we use various link building techniques here at Pimp Design such as social networks, blogs, classified ads and business directories in order to achieve the highest ranking positions in the search engine for you and because we increase the search visibility of your website to consumers it leads to an increase in traffic flow, e.g going from not being ranked in the google search results to being top of page one for Google but this is a long process done through rankings of keywords through various different methods which correspond with the Google algorithm and guidelines.

All search engine sites have their own ranking systems (google chrome, firefox, yahoo ect) but without a doubt google chrome is the most used and searched browser out of them all with around 3.5billion searches each day and around 40,000 search queries each second. Each search engine will have their own page ranking system which determines the relevance of the website and content and where they think the website should be ranked.


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Here are some elements...

• XML sitemap, this is an element which is added onto the website which allows search engines such as google to crawl data, this allows google to crawl through all new content which is published and provide up to date searches for your users and the most common sitemap producer is without a doubt

• Website Speed, This a very important ranking factor which a lot of people don’t pick up on, search engines at the end of the day want to provide the best resource and also the most relevant website for the keyword which the user searches so as you can imagine it is not going to want a website on page one which when you click on takes 20 seconds to load as that is not providing the users with what they want and user experience is a massive part in the day to day Adult SEO.

You want your website to be quick on both Desktop and Mobile and Google has announced that the ranking algorithms are now separating for Desktop and Mobile meaning if you don’t have a mobile optimised website you will not have the same rankings which you currently have on Desktop.

• Content of your website, search engines will crawl through your content on your site and pick up on active and fresh content such as news articles and blogs and also keywords which you have implemented into your article, these need to be included in your website content as this is key for ranking the designated page, heading tags are also important and we would recommend including a keyword in a heading tag on your home page of your site to help boost your search queries and relevance for that keyword. At Pimp Design we believe Content is king for adult/escort SEO.

• Back Links, these are very important for your website as search engines such as Google see this as a massive ranking factor but you must be careful in terms of what links you build as you could end up in the territory of link spamming which we can assure you is something Google does not take kindly too. A back link is basically an incoming link from another website which should help bring traffic to your site, these include aspects like escort directories, social networking, classified ads, blogs, blog comments, bookmarking sites e.g Hatena. .

• Clean urls and domain name, in order to increase the ranking and visibility of your site in the search engines you want easy to read urls which don’t contain any spam/jibberish i.e your urls should be easy to read and look clean to the search engine, the url should be as simple as describing the product or service which you do/offer.

e.g or www.seoisimportant/price%1245%56/ this would not be a clean url as they are messy and have no clear structure to it so this would definitely not help for ranking your site, a clean url would look like this.. search engines will pick up keywords and how easy the url is to read by users.


– Around 87% of all visitors are from a page 1 position, most people won’t really look any further than the first two/three pages so if you website hasn’t had Escort SEO done to it then you are missing out on a lot of traffic and potential customers. There are a few billion sites which compete for the top spots but only a fraction can be there and without Adult SEO you are never going to get there and if your competitors are using this technique then they are simply going to be higher in the rankings and more reputable than you, SEO is a massive thing and it’s only going to get more competitive but the longer you leave it the harder it is to catch up and compete with your current competitors as they may already have a one year head start on you.

– 70% of the links which search users will click on are actually organic links and the other 30% will be spread out through Google map listings/ PPC (pay per click), this fact alone makes a statement that SEO is clearly not dead and such a massive factor for business exposure, if you are not doing SEO then you are simply not an organic link for the search users in Google.

– Google itself currently owns between 65-70% of the search engine market and this fact alone should stand out to you that if google owns such a lot part of this market then there must be a reason for this? Because it is so successful and profitable that it’s an opportunity you simply can not miss out on…

– For your SEO enquires or and Escort SEO audit on your website please do not hesitate to get in contact with us where one of our professional and friendly staff members will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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